~ Chinese Checkers with Marbles ~

Chinese Checkers in a Tin with Regular Checkers on the other side and marbles and red/black checkers inside. I loved playing Chinese Checkers! Getting the tin open could prove to be an adventure at times.

50's bathing suits!

vintage swim suits Funny this used to be beach wear, I'm pretty sure I saw some of these as actual clothes this summer. Times sure have changed.

Fairytale :-)

Book Fairies at the Book Nook in Galdoren. Door in the Sky

London Smog, 1952

Strangely, as a kid I loved it when the smog was this thick as it gave me the perfect excuse to be late for school.A man guiding a London bus through thick fog with a flaming torch, 1952

Another Watch with mother fave. My love for wooden dolls stems from here...

The Woodentops with Spotty dog. The Woodentops was a children's television series first shown on BBC Television in