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Redwood Playing Card Display Case. Redwood Deck Stand
PROPS - Because many of the characters are rich and smoke a lot, it would make sense for them to have fancy cigarette cases.
Vintage Leather Cigarette Case Playing Cards by GuestFromThePast
My first leather project: Leather Playing Card Case! (#QuickCrafter)
Wood Playing Card Case Walnut and Rosewood by AcousticDesign, $75.00 Box with sliding bolt latch Lasercut vector model suitable for business card holder, playing cards box, cigarette case, jewelry box, gift box, box with locking mechanism – sliding bolt latch. Create of plywood 3,2 mm. Dimension internal: 54x94x20 mm. Dimension external: 77x108x29 mm. Useful thing!
Leather playing card case
Leather Playing Card Case Vintage Double Card Deck by Mainetrader