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Not the best looking pie but it tastes amazing . Give it a try. Sausage and sweet potato pie #Leanin15 #Food #Foodboner

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The Body Coach: Mushroom, new potato & chorizo frittata. This a banging little breakfast which you can make in under 15 minutes & store in the fridge for 2-3 days as well! Thats what I call #Leanin15 win!

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“Try my home made pesto chicken salad with sun dried tomatoes and avocado low carb with More Fats than you can shake a stick at! #foodie #lunch…”

Joe Wicks #Leanin15 thebodycoach

Joe Wicks #Leanin15 @thebodycoach Low carb day for me today as i'm not training! I reduce my carb intake but I increase my fat intake. I've got healthy fats from sea bass, avocado & cashew nuts! This is how I stay lean! I eat in line with my energy demands. Basically this means eating a little bit more on training days to fuel my workouts and a bit less on rest days

“Wow try this double naughty sweet potato chicken burger with avocado, feta cheese and corn on the cob! It's #Leanin15 #BurgerMe #Decent”

The Body Coach: Peri Peri Cod Fillet with red onion, spinach, pepper, raisins and walnuts!

Joe Wicks #Leanin15 on Instagram: “Try my #Leanin15 curry in a hurry Have it low carb like this or post workout with some basmati rice ”