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Ishtar Goddess

Collection by Sveta Nesterenko

Sveta Nesterenko
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell Boris Vallejo, Fantasy Kunst, Dark Fantasy Art, Fantasy Artwork, Julie Bell, Mythological Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Mythical Birds, Bell Art


Astarte _ Goddess of the ancient Middle East and chief deity of the Mediterranean seaports of Tyre, Sidon, and Elath. Astarte shared many qualities, and perhaps a common origin, with her sister Anath. The goddess of love and war, Astarte was worshiped in Egypt and in Canaan, as well as among the Hittites. Her Akkadian counterpart was Ishtar. She is often mentioned in the Bible under the name Ashtaroth.

✯ Ishtar - The goddess of love in Babylon was also a mighty warrior, who rode a lion into battle. This is her, Ishtar -also called Inanna- :: Artist Selina Fenech ✯ Goddess Of Love, Goddess Art, Mother Goddess, Athena Goddess, Ishtar Goddess, Sacred Feminine, Greek Gods, Gods And Goddesses, Archetypes

Ishtar by SelinaFenech on DeviantArt

The goddess of love in Babylon was also a might warrioress, who rode a lion into battle. This is her, Ishtar (also called Inanna). I painted this with w... Ishtar

Ishtar by scebiqu. Ishtar is the East Semitic Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex. 3d Fantasy, Fantasy Girl, Geeks, Pin Up, Pop Art, Goddess Of Love, Moon Goddess, Sacred Feminine, Fantasy Illustration

Ishtar by Scebiqu on DeviantArt

Babylonian Mythology in Black and Yellow. I always loved that color combination. Ishtar

Terracotta Plaque known as "The Burney Relief" or "The Queen of the Night" - whether she is Lilitu, Inanna-Ishtar or Ereshkigal - from Mesopotamian culture, circa 1800 and 1600 BCE Ancient Aliens, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Civilizations, Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Cradle Of Civilization, Ancient Near East

The Burney Relief, also known as the Queen of the Night, is a Mesopotamian terracotta plaque in high relief of the Isin-Larsa or Old-Babylonian period, depicting a winged, nude, goddess-like figure with bird's talons, flanked by owls, and perched upon supine lions, dated between 1800 and 1750 BCE. It originates from southern Iraq, but the exact find-site is unknown. Whether it represents Lilitu, Inanna/Ishtar, or Ereshkigal, is under debate. Side view, showing depth of relief.

Awesome Fantasy Digital Art Women Wallpapers by Sasha Fantom Snake Girl, Year Of The Snake, Rapper, Mystery, Divine Feminine, Sacred Feminine, Gods And Goddesses, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Women

I AM Babylon. I AM The Gateway. I am known as Inanna, Ishtar, Nanaea, Astarte, Isis. I cannot be used as a tool for men to bargain with blood and magic to sit among the adepts. No man can take my mysteries without my choice to give it to them. To reveal my mysteries I must love a man with my mind, heart and soul and after with my body. Because I choose. Only the Goddess can make a god or a king or a master.

Greek gods and goddesses iii Greek Gods and Goddesses iii . More Greek gods and goddesses . Greek And Roman Mythology, Greek Gods And Goddesses, Sacred Feminine, Divine Feminine, Art Magique, Art Manga, Goddess Art, Norse Goddess, Divine Goddess

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Ishtar ~Goddess of Love~ Iris Goddess, Goddess Of Love, Goddess Art, Goddess Symbols, Earth Goddess, Ancient Goddesses, Gods And Goddesses, Sacred Feminine, Divine Feminine


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Ishtar in the Underworld by Ernest Wallcousins Illustration from "Myths of Babylonia and Assyria" by Donald A. Located in a private collection Goddess Of Love, Goddess Art, Wicca, Magick, Epic Of Gilgamesh, Greek And Roman Mythology, Queen Of Heaven, Hades And Persephone, Sumerian

Fire the Imagination

Textbooks are so much more appealing and approachable when the graphic design and illustrations of the book are given great thought to, as they were in the early years of the 20th century. Binding design and illustrative paintings help to fire the imagination, which is always a great aid to learning. cover binding Ernest Wallcousins frontispiece The Tempatation of Ea-Bani title page Ernest Wallcousins Merodach Sets Forth to Attack Tiamat Ernest Wallcousins The Slaying of the Bull of Ishtar…

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Featured Goddess: Ishtar - Awakening the Goddess Within

Share the post "Featured Goddess: Ishtar" FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInStumbleUpon Ishtar Goddess of Love, War, Fertility, and Sexuality “You are a most powerful woman. Call upon me when you feel taken advantage of and I will protect you.” Traits Ishtar Embodies: Strength Protection Boundaries Feminine power Self-Love How to call on Ishtar: Known for …