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Sudha's Apparel Patterns: How to make One Piece Katori Blouse with sleeve?

In this article, I have explained detailed pattern making of a Single Katori / One Piece Katori blouse with sleeve. The Katori blouse is designed based on the natural bust shape of women. The word "Katori" derived from Hindi language means "Cup".

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Panth hone do aparaichit , Praan rehne do akela , Mahadevi Verma

Do this once a week to look 10 years younger!

Theres a reason why Japanese women look so young, even in their oldest days! The secret? Rice is loaded with healthy nutrients such as linoleic acid and squalene, which are very powerful antixodiants and promote collagen production.

Simple Ganesh Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Discover the most beautiful collection of lord Ganesh rangoli designs for Diwali. Ganapati rangoli designs are very popular in competitions during Diwali.