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A PAIR OF NABATEAN OR EASTERN ROMAN GOLD EARRINGS CIRCA 1ST-2ND CENTURY A.D. Each formed from a plain tapering hoop, adorned with clusters of granules, the underside joined to plain wires framing a beaded wire, with a fringe of seven triangles of granulation, each capped with a large hollow sphere, and interspersed by twisted wire loops, each end terminating in a voluted twisted wire beside a small hollow sphere; joined to modern gold balls and ear posts


Thailand | Pair of gold ear ornaments from the 18th century | High karat gold (22k) with intricate granulation work | 1300$


Jose Maria Barrera for Avon's Vintage Florentine Style Collection Earrings Clip on


A PAIR OF ROMAN GOLD EARRINGS CIRCA 1ST CENTURY A.D. Each with a large ribbed dome, the backing concave and carinated, joined to a smaller shield, granulation around the join, a single granule above, the plain tapering ear hook terminating in a small ball