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The peace of God is with those whose & are in harmony, who are free from desire and wrath, who know their own soul - Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

Radha Krishna

Radha and Krishna provide the platform of pure love for all of us -::- Path of Raga Marga

✨ RADHA KRISHNA ✨ Artist: V.Sagar Sukadeva Goswami said: “One who constantly hears and chants the holy name of the Lord and hears and chants about His activities can very easily attain the platform of pure devotional service, which can cleanse the.

So Beautiful!! Most cute picture of Bal Gopal and the most cutest Radha

Child Krishna meets baby Radharani for the first time. The Divine Appearance of…


*મુલાકાત ની જરૂર કયા હોય છે મહેન્દ્ર l* *બસ રોજ સવાર સવારમાં તમારો msg આવી જાય તો બોવ છે.


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