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two pictures of roasted sweet potatoes and rainbow salad in a white casserole dish
Roasted Sweet Potato Rainbow Salad with Lime Crema
four different views of pea hummus in a food processor
Five-Minute Pea Purée / Pea Hummus (w/ frozen peas) | Bowl of Delicious
three sandwiches stacked on top of each other with cucumber and cheese in the middle
9 High-Protein Sandwiches With No Meat
quesadillas stacked on a plate with guacamole and limes in the background
Vegan Sweet Potato Quesadillas (Easy Recipe + Video)
These easy Vegan Sweet Potato Quesadillas loaded with blacks bean, corn and dairy-free cheese make the perfect quick meal or snack. They’re gluten-free, healthy, flavorful, cheesy and very simple to make.
two bowls of soup with spoons in them and the words southern lentil soup on top
Lentil Soup (seriously amazing!)
Don’t settle for a bland Lentil Soup. Make it right and you’ll have everyone begging for more! All it takes is a hint of spice flavourings, bay leaves and finishing it off with a touch of lemon. It makes all the difference!
a pot filled with beans and carrots on top of a stove
Crock-pots love lentils
Crock-pot lentil soup - vegan, healthy, delicious and easy!
two bowls filled with rice and beans on top of a purple table cloth next to a fork
Green Chile Rice with Black Beans
Black beans are not usually added to this popular Mexican rice dish, but their addition makes this Green Chile Rice recipe into a one-pot meal.
two pictures showing different types of rice and vegetables in pans with text overlay that reads vegan pineapple fried rice
Easy Vegan Pineapple Fried Rice
Are you looking to order some take-out tonight? Well, put that phone down because this homemade Pineapple Fried Rice is much healthier, tastier & uber-easy to make. C'mon over to Vegan Huggs for this sweet & savory recipe. #pineapplefriedrice #veganfood
two sandwiches stacked on top of each other with the words vegan creamy chickpea sandwich
Smashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich - Veggies Don't Bite
The mashed chickpea sandwich, a vegan staple and mock version of traditional tuna. Up until now, I have been forced to use mayo or other oil filled condiment in order to get that creaminess I crave...
a hand holding a sandwich with meat and avocado
The best spicy vegan Tex-Mex burgers (+video)
The best spicy vegan Tex-Mex burger (with a gluten-free cutlet)
the ingredients for this easy coconut whipped cream recipe are shown in three different bowls, including strawberries and raspberries
Easy Coconut Whipped Cream (Gluten-Free, Vegan / Plant-Based)
Recipe: Easy Coconut Whipped Cream (Gluten-Free, Vegan / Plant-Based) Thick, rich, creamy and dreamy–yet dairy free. Only 5 minutes of your time! Get the recipe at