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Chicken Stew

Gorgeous winter warmer, made in one pot. A family favourite! Chicken, chorizo, colourful peppers, courgettes, potatoes and butter beans all go into this decidedly delicious dish! You can use chicken breast instead of chicken thigh.

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Jamie's mulled wine

jamie's mulled wine: 2 clementines; 1 lemon; 1 lime; 200 g caster sugar; 6 whole cloves; 1 stick cinnamon; 3 fresh bay leaves; 1 whole nutmeg, for grating; 1 vanilla pod, halved lengthways; 2 star anise; 2 bottles Chianti or other Italian red wine.

Pink lemonade

Rose lemonade is non-alcoholic, making it ideal for family gatherings where children are present. Many adults use this lemonade as a refreshing alternative to wine or cocktails with their meals.

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Citrus peach cooler

Dairy Free Citrus Peach Cooler, Living With Cow's Milk Protein Allergy, dairy free recipes, dairy and soya free recipes, gluten free, wheat free, egg free

Slow Cooker Lamb Tagine

Classic Victoria sandwich

Victoria Sandwich (it's a cake, but called a sandwich ... it's a British thing) ... I'm filing this under Homeschooling because it was our math lesson for today! We measured in grams and baked in celsius. And the cake is pretty good too :-)

Sausage & bean casserole

Sausage & bean casserole - this is such a tasty and easy meal to make. Ingredient list is long but can be adapted depending on what you have. Great for hiding veggies from kids and leaving to simmer away while you do other things.