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Teen Driver

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#SouthWestEngines If you ask a friend if he texts while driving, he'll likely say "no," or "not much." But after observing him behind the wheel for a while, you might find he checks

#SouthWestEngines Here are some sobering study results that may shock parents – teen drivers are most likely to cause a car accident within their first month of unsupervised

#SouthWestEngines If you're the parent of a teen driver, the American Automobile Association has a warning for you

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#SouthWestEngines Choosing a Vehicle for Your Teen Driver. One factor that can affect your rate significantly is whether your child will have their own car.

#SouthWestEngines Teenage drivers with new driver's licenses used to be able to drive without any restrictions under the law.

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#SouthWestEngines Teen driver is going to be. Especially in today's economy everyone is looking for ways to save money and reduce costs.

#SouthWestEngines Learn tips on how to test drive a new car