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editing idea!! 💕💕
hey guys, just something that you guys can use for your edits! 💕 i hope you guys understand 🥰❤️ (i cant really post anything atm bc im busy but I did this a couple of days ago so might as well post it, hope it helps <333)
a woman laying on top of a bed under a white blanket next to palm trees
vogue capcut coloring - fav one yet 🤭
mine pls dont repost w/o permission #nicksturniolo #capcut #coloring #edit #editor
two photos of a woman with long black hair, one is looking at the camera
Coloring tutorial on capcut|| capcut tutorial
Coloring tutorial on capcut|| capcut tutorial - YouTube
panning tutorial !!
the graph for edits is shown in black and white
my graphs for edits!
Capcut tutorial
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velocity and flash tut | @swtfocus on tt