zodiac : ̗̀➛ aries

aries ♈︎ ram : ̗̀➛ you are authoritative, brave, competitive, courageous, hot-tempered, independent, and outspoken. ——— ♈︎ element : ̗̀➛ fire ♈︎ represents…
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Aries sun, moon & rising 🌟

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My gemini's moon

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the signs and their late night thought poster is shown in pink, with an illustration of a woman sitting on a cloud
an image of a ghost cat in a frame with the words aris lovable misshevous playful on it
an ad for aris rising moana, which is featured in the movie's poster
Aries rising is Moana
Zodiac Star Signs, Star Signs, Little Sisters, Tell Me
an advertisement for aris, the mental diet is impecable by tarot full
Virgo season for Aries