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an image of different types of leaves on a table with text overlaying them
the houseplant guide for beginners to learn how to care for indoor plants
11 Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Are Nearly Impossible to Kill
This infographic and blog break down the simplest plants to have in your house this spring! Now's the time to bring greenery inside, so learn how to do it successfully without a lot of work!
the houseplants that clean indoor air are shown in this poster, which shows different types
22 Ways To Clean Indoor Air Naturally - PositiveMed
LIST: 10 House Plants That Cleans Indoor Air More
an illustrated guide to indoor plants and their uses in the houseplant garden plant identification chart
How to Care for Indoor Plants (a pair & a spare)
Ok so it won’t be news to you that I’m a HUGE indoor plant enthusiast. This has come on strong in the last few years, namely when we started decorating the new studio – an industrial space that desper
an image of plants for better sleep
These Beautiful Bedroom Plants May Help You Get Better Sleep
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