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several knitted items are laying on an orange surface with confetti scattered around them
60 Fun and Easy Kids' Crafts
60 Fun and Easy Kids' Crafts
a stuffed elephant sitting on top of a diaper filled with silver and blue items
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Diaper Cake Mini Turquoise Gray & White by DomesticDivaDesignz
a baby shower cake with an elephant on top
Diaper cake. Baby shower. Yellow gray and white. Elephant. Welcome baby. Chevron. Size 3 2 1
a jar that has some scissors on top of it
DIY: Bubbles | Refill Container
Bubble refill
a stack of doughnuts sitting on top of each other
Playdough Recipe Homemade
a pink ribbon is tied to the door handle on a white door with gold hardware
55 GENIUS New Ways to Use Everyday Things
Rubber Bands - genius for a sleeping baby! Easier than that sewed thing
chocolate cake pops with blue frosting and brown sprinkles on top are arranged in a cupcake holder
Dipped Oreo on a stick
Dipped Oreo on a stick for a baby shower
an artist's palette with paint in it and a brush next to the cupcake tins
Bathtime Fun – Shaving Cream Bathtub Paint
shaving cream and food coloring for the bath!
a baby's foot with writing on it that says, i love you daddy and wonderfully made
Aww, I'm so doing this!! Psalm 139
a banana sitting on top of a table next to a white plate filled with jelly
How to make Applesauce Toddler Bites
Freeze drops of applesauce on parchment paper. Peel off and it's the perfect snack for your baby or toddler! Homemade fruit snacks.
two feet with red and white nail polish on them
Montgomery Musings
two pictures of a baby crawling on the floor
Bubble Wrap Run: Simple Indoor Fun!
the process of making stationery cards is shown here
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
styrofoam for stamping
many pictures of a baby with teddy bears in it's hands and the caption that says, i love you mom
One Year
taking pictures in the same place with stuffed animal every month.
multiple images of different colors and shapes
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Homemade "Slime"