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We have recently sorted our provision in the water tray to ensure a focus on…

We enhanced the water tray by adding a washing line. As well as wringing the clothes of water and in turn developing gross motor skills they also developed their fine motor skills by squeezing open the pegs! Also lots of fun!

A Painted Branch // Collaborative Art with Kids

A Painted Branch // Collaborative Art with Kids - Art Bar kids will love this format, especially if they find their own branch // great project for a group Want excellent tips about arts and crafts?

Great idea for my mindee's trajectory schema

This afternoon we combined two of our favourite things here at Clare’s Little Tots – cars and drawing. The results were a beautiful masterpiece and lots of fun. This simply play activity took a few minutes to set up, costs nothing and is done using things

Superheroes, Princesses & Monsters Mish-Mash

Loose parts invitation from Superheroes, Princesses & Monsters Mish-Mash - Stimulating Learning

Bubble Wrap Roller Printing

Bubble Wrap Roller Printing - Art Bar kids use their whole body when printing with bubble wrap and rollers Really want great suggestions concerning arts and crafts?

Christmas Tree Sensory Bottle

Christmas Tree Sensory Bottle ~ Full of Christmas magic for all kids, even babies and toddlers, while providing a calming sensory retreat for older kids, too!

Exploring the Outdoor Classroom: Outdoor Classroom

"Exploring the Outdoor Classroom: Sensory Bin with a Hole-y Top" -- You can never have too many ideas for sensory exploration

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Spider man counting in and spider web tough spot, fine motor skills eyfs reception