Tammi Smith
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Illustration of workbench

Workbench for a small space. A fold-out work table, a roll out table saw stand, a miter box table and lots of storage—cabinets, drawers, pegboard and shelves. All inexpensive and easy to build. Ideal for a garage or other limited shop space.

Weetabix Carrot Cakes

I'm not going to lie I'm rather partial to a good slice of carrot cakes but just a wee slice can really knock up your syn count. So naturally the playing around to create a healthy alternative began.

homemade flock blocks for chickens

My friend Heather from Massachusetts recently whipped up a batch of homemade flock blocks for her chickens. Today she is sharing her recipe. This is so easy you won't even believe it! Baby it is ccccold outside! Last night we got our.