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Zillij Patterns lesson plan

Zillij Patterns Study the complex, geometric ornamentation of Islamic art. Discover intricate, authentic Zillij designs using math and aesthetic principles.

Math puzzler brain teaser. Free cubic riddler for kids.

Solve a math cube riddle with this puzzling brain teaser. Stretch those logic skills!

For the Love of Art: 6th Grade: Frank Stella Protractor Series

We& been studying Frank Stella& Protractor Series. After learning about the artist and analyzing his work through a PowerPoint, students.

Fun & Simple dinosaur activity for kids!

Dinosaur week: Fun & Simple dinosaur activity for kids! Maybe for older kids give each shape a numerical value and have them add how much their dino is worth. Can use with class to compare/contrast amounts, etc.

Using Angry Birds to study 3D shapes, volume and surface area, structures, and forces acting on structures.

Runde's Room: Angry Birds = Happy Students - Integrating volume, surface area, structures, and forces into one fun and engaging project for student.

1.G.2 Composing 2-D Shapes Task Cards!

My favorite math unit is geometry! I'm sure it's because it was always my strongest area of math.