Interior Design Aquarium

Interior design aquariums are amazing and well worth the time it takes to create and display aquarium, terrarium, paludarium or vivarium in architecture.
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an aquarium filled with green plants and rocks
Black River Rock 1-2
Black River Rock 1-2" (per LB) On Sale $9.90
the different types of moss growing on rocks and plants are shown in this graphic style
Mossarium 101: A Complete Guide To Making Your Own Moss Terrarium!
Mossarium: The Ultimate Guide & "How To" Build | Moss Terreriums
the different types of terrariums are shown in this diagram, and there is also information about them
Terrariums Are The Coolest
Terrariums: Closed or Open Top
a glass bowl filled with moss and rocks on top of a wooden table next to a plant
My last masterpiece, beautiful!
a glass bowl filled with sand and air plants
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Beautiful and quaint terrarium
there is a glass bowl with moss growing on the rocks and water in it, sitting on a window sill
40 Brilliant Indoor Water Garden Ideas – Buzz16
there is a fish bowl filled with water and plants in the bottom, along with other seashells
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