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Can you believe my KFC Style Feast Fakeaway Night that you see right here is Slimming World friendly? What is it about that southern style crispy chicken that tempts us all. I don’t know about you, but it was one of my favorite takeaways before I ever embarked on a healthy eating lifestyle. That KFC...Read More »

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You love chilli right? and you love a pasta bake? Well this Mexican Pasta Bake is just for you. Rich tomatoey beef chilli with black beans, mixed with pasta and topped with cheese and bake in the oven till it is all melted – delicious!! Great served with a mixed salad or some vegetables of...Read More »

5 Simple Slimming World Christmas Recipes

It's officially December and that means its time to crack out the old Christmas favourites. While some will make a mental decision to go off plan, others will do their darnedest to stay on track. For those who are determined to stay on plan or at least minimise the damage, I've compiled a list of the top 5 Slimming World Christmas recipes. 1. Slimming World Mince Pies Makes 16 Pies (7 syns each) Prep Time: 5 Resting Time: 30 Cook Time: 15 Min Ready In: 50 Min Ingredients * Frylight…

Syn Free Lemon Pepper Salmon Tagliatelle | Slimming World

Before we get to the recipe for this Syn Free Lemon Pepper Salmon Tagliatelle, we need to mention our Facebook group. When we started the group we never thought anyone would join. But now a few months down the line we have over 53,000 members! One of the things we love about the Facebook group is the…