Homemade easy orange peel face packs

Thought orange peels were useless? God never creates anything without a purpose! Orange peels are a powerhouse of nutrients that can serve to make your skin beautiful, bright and glowing! Test it out, before you trash it out!

Banana beauty tips

Mix 3 bananas, ½ cup of coconut milk and 1 tablespoon of honey and apply the paste on your tresses to moisturize and boost the shine of your tresses.

How to make aloe vera soap at home

Aloe Vera Soap by Soap Recipes The miracle beauty plant is included in this soap recipe which will fight dryness and help heal the skin faster.

Home remedies for skin care

Recipes for Skin Care: Discover Some Purely natural Recipes for Pores and skin CareBest Organic Skin Care Products

How to make aloe vera soap at home

HOME MADE ALOE VERA Products DIY TIPS (I keep a spray bottle of water & aloe gel for my hair, burns, or light moisturizing. I use a blend of parts aloe: 1 part witch hazel for aftershave soother, irritated skin, or as a facial treatment.