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several people sitting at a table making art work
a child's feet on a piece of paper with colored crayons drawn on it
Children's Art Quilt - Say Yes
Sharing another beautiful way to display children’s art today. My friend Amy made a lovely quilt from drawings her children made for their school auction. I was so inspired by it and asked if she could share a bit about her process with us today…
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Sewing with Children — the Workspace for Children
people sitting in the grass watching harry potter on a big screen at an outdoor movie theater
18 Amazing Fall Decorating Ideas For The Coziest Home Ever
several pieces of paper laid out on the ground with one person's feet propped up
Recycled Shape Art - Easy Art Projects for Kids - Meri Cherry
fish made out of construction paper sitting on top of a table
several balls of yarn sitting next to each other on a wooden floor with crochet stars
Kindergarten Rocks - 25 Art Projects for 5 Year Olds - Meri Cherry
Kindergarten Rocks - 25 Art Projects for 5 Year Olds - Meri Cherry
the bubble wand making station is perfect for kids to make with their own craft supplies
How to Make Colorful Bubble Prints with Kids
Free preschool activities and kindergarten activities that parents and educators can download from Magna-Tiles. Pin shows the steps to build a rainbow with magnetic tiles. Summer, Kids, Colouring, Bebe, Kid, Kinder, Coloring
Magna-Tiles® Free Preschool Activities
several rocks and plants are arranged on a marble surface
Nature Easter Eggs - Sprouting Wild Ones
Winter wonderland small world tray play - tuff spot play activities
someone is decorating the wooden board with white beads and red mushroom on it, while another person holds up a sign that says diy seed mosaic ghosts
DIY Cardboard Seed Mosaic Ghosts - Woodlark Blog