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I’ve written before about how other types can be friends with an INFJ. But there’s another side to that dynamic: what INFJs are like as friends. We can be fantastic friends — fun,…

We do this for self protection. When we feel like we can no longer offer anything of worth we simply exile ourselves from the eyeline of those people, no matter how much we love them.

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24 struggles all INFJs can understand Some of these are so bang on! I didn't even know some of these were INFJ traits

#INFJ "...they are quick to understand things, often without needing to do extensive research about them, but deal heavily in metaphorical symbolism rather than tangible details. Yet, while they are very mystical in their thinking and very much in their imagination most of the time, many of them also desperately crave a connection to something tangible and real..."

octopopple said: INFJ explanation? :D Answer: INFJs have a unique way of observing the world that is both problematic for them in that it makes them so intensely sensitive to the pain of life, but it.

INFJ Confessions...sounds a little arrogant i dont think of people as simple minded. I just dont understand the hypocrisy and devaluing i see.

INFJ Confessions wow this is like so scary accurate. It used to hurt when people acted as if I was being pessimistic or stupid.

INFJ Confessions

INFJ Confessions Omg this is how I feel about life, except I've accepted it as normal and fine and am all about helping my friends and family to achieve whatever they wish. I'm not important, they are.

INFJ .... Oh my god yes

I'm positive. I embrace my uniqueness. I make the people around me better while they do the same. I don't always need to be right but I always need to be real. JOIN THE FIT REVOLUTION!