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an info poster with instructions on how to use the garbage can and do't
#RecyclingGuide101: Here’s everything you need to know about recycling waste like a pro
a wooden table and chair sitting next to each other
The furniture you bring home should not contribute to the natural epidemic like #deforestation. Choose materials that are #recycled and can last for a longer period with little or no maintenance.
a blue and white printer with the words it is more eco - friendly to print on both sides of a piece of paper
Anything we can do to save paper will help reduce the amount of trash going into landfills. So, think before you print!
three vases filled with flowers sitting on top of a table
Add a dash of green to your space with plants that you can now grow in old, empty glass jars instead of store-bought pots. The look will be even better with a complete vintage vibe
three people standing in front of a house with solar panels on the roof
Here's how you can easily adapt an Energy-Efficient Lifestyle
Join the Green Community by adopting an energy-efficient lifestyle with solar rooftop solutions
a person holding out a house with solar panels on it and the words switch on to solar power for a suitable future
Solar for a Sustainable Future
Switch to a more futuristic power generation method by utilizing natural resources with solar rooftops
how to store food without plastic is shown in this hand - drawn illustration, with the words'how to store food without plastic'written on it
How to Do A Liver Detox Cleanse After The Holidays: 5 Tips
How Liver Detox Supports Weight Loss, a guest blog post on Liz in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Lifestyle Blogger
a green paint brush with the words make a green switch with non - oxic paint for your home
Use Eco-friendly Paints in your next home makeover!
The most ethical way to give your home a brand-new look is by making use of eco-friendly paints made of natural raw materials instead of those infused with harmful chemical pigments.
The EASIEST Things You Can Do to Help the Environment without Working Too Hard Low Waste, Zero Waste Living, Zero Waste Lifestyle, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Eco Living, Help The Environment, Going Green, Eco Friendly Living, Green Lifestyle
Sunshine Guerrilla: Eco-Laziness: The Simplest Things You Can Do to Help the Environment (that Actually Make Life Easier)
The EASIEST Things You Can Do to Help the Environment without Working Too Hard
an info poster showing the benefits of recycling
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We stand by these greener office techniques and hope offices consider #green food packaging as well. #thinkgreen #infographics
a poster with instructions on how to make less trash
18 Charts To Help You Start Living More Sustainably
Think critically about how you can effectively make less trash. 18 Charts To Help You Start Living More Sustainably
the ten ways to reduce foot prints info poster is shown in blue and green colors
Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint
Here are 10 simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint and start on your journey to make the world a sustainable space.
a poster with the words carbon footprint of what you eat and an image of different types of animals
24 Easy Charts To Help You Transition To A Vegan Diet
24 Charts That Show How Easy It Is To Go Vegan
an info sheet describing the benefits of eco - friendly products
Home | Make Change - Where Money and Mission Meet
a green poster with the words, ways to reduce your carbony foot print on it
Parked Domain name on Hostinger DNS system
Flygskam! Dealing with flight shame and reducing your carbon footprint - Earth Mamas International