Martin Parr

He's faster on Bicycle, 'Downhill'.

Martin Parr - England. Salford. A Hairdressers. 1986.:

Martin Parr – A Hairdressers, Salford, England, 1986

Martin Parr. interesting that the teacup is not centred on the saucer. dark red nails tie in with raspberry in teacup. green shirt makes nice background

Martin Parr FOOD (& other series) Christ's Hospital School, West Sussex, England 2010

Martin Parr - A Mother and a Daughter, Wales (The Cost of Living)

Martin Parr - Mother and daughter, Wales, 1988

Martin Parr (Renes half a grapefruit for something a bit racy it was occasionally grilled with sugar on it) x

pikuniku: “Martin Parr at Metro Hall, Toronto, Contact photography festival, 2013 ”

Martin Parr. The Pyramids, Egypt. From the series Small World (1987-94).

Martin Parr discovers it's a 'Small World' after all

Martin Parr / Magnum Photos

© Martin Parr / Magnum Photos i like these colors

Martin Parr ITALY. Rimini. Fashion shoot for Amica. 1999.

Martin Parr ITALY. Rimini. Fashion shoot for Amica. 1999.

martin parr

This Martin Parr photograph is giving.

Martin Parr : Food – Les presses du réel (book)

Martin Parr, 'Untitled [cakes with sprinkles], from the series British Food', 1995

Martin Parr, Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil, 2007

A day at the beach is the same the world over

© Martin Parr, 1989, Wales.

last-picture-show: ““Martin Parr, Wales, 1989 ” ”

Martin Parr - Cardiff Working Men's Club

Cardiff Working Men’s Clubs

New Brighton. From 'The Last Resort'. 1983-85 copyright Martin Parr / Magnum Photos Photography by Martin Parr

Martin Parr on his Infamous Photo Series, The Last Resort

The acclaimed British photographer discusses his iconic, intimately captured snapshots of Thatcherite Britain

Martin Parr - England. 1983.

Martin Parr - England. 1983.

Martin Parr SPAIN. Benidorm. 1999.

Martin Parr SPAIN. Benidorm. 1999.