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11 Striking Images That Show D-Day Landing Sites Then and Now

D-Day Landing Sites Then And Now: 11 Striking Images That Bring The Past And Present Together

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Photography by Hugh Kretschmer, a Los Angeles-native photographer, whose 22-year career is marked by both editorial & advertising imagery, with an endearing use of metaphor & hand crafted, trick-the-eye elements

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This A Level Photography project explores identity: how significant events shape who we become. It draws inspiration from Mark Quinn and Sophie Calle. Text in a variety of fonts runs across the figure and is combined with dramatic lighting to create a moving final piece. As in this example, it is important that students integrate text with care, avoiding creating an obvious or literal work.

I love this series. The style of dance isn't exactly what I was looking for but her movements and the movement of the flour is. I would use color for the flour instead to liven it up and make it more festive for a music festival.

18 Photos Of London's Past, Blended With Its Present

Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested while trying to present a petition to the King, 1914. | 18 Photos Of London’s Past, Blended With Its Present

12 Mind Blowing Photoshop Actions That Transforms Any Image into a Piece of Art

Performed you recognize that shutter Priority is a car direct exposure system where the video camera obtains correct exposure through picking the aperture after the customer possesses picked the shutter speed? If certainly not you could know even more on

In her photography series Daré alla Lucé, Canadian artist Amy Friend allows new light to pass through found vintage images by altering the surface with tiny pinholes