Veg dumplings

Vegetarian Dumpling recipe with directions on how to cook freshly made and from frozen.

Vegetarian Mexican Salad Boats

Vegetarian Mexican Salad Boats and many more lettuce wrap recipes!

Vegetable timbale!

Vegetable timbale!

Crispy spinach,almond and filo rolls!

Another weekend and a pile of spinach & a growing population of the cutest little pumpkins from those lovely people at Epicurean Supplies .

Lasagna vegetariana!

I'm not sure if the world needs any more veggie lasagna recipes, but it's such a staple in our kitchen that I'll post it anyways. This is the dish I make when we're craving easy comfort food or pla.

Bravas potatoes

Patata Bravas is classic spanish tapas dish that is made from cubes of potato in a spicy, tomato sauce. Tapas in spanish is a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine.

Golden corn velvet

Golden corn velvet

Red Cabbage and Ricotta Salata

Red Cabbage and Ricotta Salata Salad with Thyme Scented Grains

Vegetarian Mini Pizzas.

reefmagazine: Vegetarian Mini Pizza della Sicilia Who doesn’t love pizza? For ALL our veggie eaters, this is the perfect recipe! Even if you’re not vegetarian this pizza looks to good to not try! Find this tasty recipe here.

Veg pasta

colorful pictures of healthy salads