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We did the info graphics for these ;-)

We did the info graphics for these ;

WOW! Curiosity Rover Sends Back High Resolution Colored Picture Of Mars -

Layers at the Base of Mount Sharp. A chapter of the layered geological history of Mars is laid bare in this postcard from NASA's Curiosity rover. The image shows the base of Mount Sharp, the rover's eventual science destination.

The First Color Photo Of Mars, By Curiosity Rover -

Don't spoil your once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot with bad composition or poor technique. Use these 5 quick tips to make sure your Mars landscape photos are keepers.


Furniture store's tagline - "Our prices are Sofa King low" - was just banned by the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK. Pity, because this is a far cleverer use of vernacular than Unilevers "F**k the Diet" slogan (see earlier posting).

Great viral!

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