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Scientists stated that if you have headache or you need to improve your mental alertness; you will need a dose of black tea up to 250 mg, which can be found by drinking several cups of black tea daily. Also if you are working on reducing the risk of heart attacks and kidney stones; you might need to drink at least one cup daily. About preventing the arteries hardening (Atherosclerosis), you should drink 125-500 ml of black tea per day which is from one to four cups. It is also known that to…

Oolong tea is a tasteful and delicious tea, which is used for sharpening thinking and mind skills, in addition to improving mental alertness. These all in addition to preventing cancer, tooth decaying, osteoporosis and heart diseases. It is very helpful as it contains antioxidants, catechin and caffeine which fight radicals. It can be used for numerous healing properties and it is available in markets.

Green Tea is the oldest herbal tea known. It was firstly known in China 4,000 years ago. It has spread widely in Asia then in Africa afterwards. It was used by people just for chewing and eating the same way people used to eat coffee beans in Ethiopia before learning to cook it. it has always been one of the most tasteful teas ever and people always tend to drink it and consume it, because they got to understand and know about its major benefits and merits.