documentar en tiempo real

I'm having an aha moment. Hewitt came through our school, she recommended all teachers posting a poster outside the classroom door that identified the curriculum goals for children and adults ali

let the children play: beautiful learning spaces in reggio emilia inspired preschools   Documentation of children's work and collections that children have made are displayed both at the children's and adult eye level.   I'm loving this idea for storing / displaying children's journals:

Like this idea for hanging pictures of the children throughout the year and/or journal entries in the library. Austin Green School: The Reggio Emilia approach, a conerstone to our philosophy

documentation - toddlers exploring things that spin

Deepen ordinary traditional one-dimensional experiences. What do children notice? What does this remind you of?


Beautiful 'Exploring Texture' display from Through A Preschool Lens (",) and lots of other great classroom organization ideas