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a large poster with different types of writing on it
The Classroom of 2050... an infographic...
The Classroom of 2050... an infographic... | TechLogix Networx
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Thinkwrite Headset Review - Techdocent
Thinkwrite Headset Review
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iPad 2 Swivel Case by Devicewear is the perfect and most convenient way to hold and present with your iPad worry-free! Moving from landscape and portrait with the 360 swivel makes it easy to go back and forth between presenting and navigating in the classroom.
two children wearing headphones and using a laptop with headset attached to the side
ThinkWrite Archives - Techdocent
ThinkWrite’s headphones have been designed specifically for the demands of students in classrooms. Each headphone is constructed with a special ABS plastic that ensures maximum durability! Equipped with a single jack for recording and listening, the headset is geared to take advantage of use with the iPad and Chromebook! Check out techdocent.com for more information! #thinkwrite #headphones #classroom #students #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #backtoschool #t...
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a pencil and eraser
DeviceWear Archives - Techdocent
Help protect your students Chromebook from damage with Devicewear's rugged Book Cover case! Visit techdocent.com to see all our cases! #chromebook #chromebooks #schoolsupplies #firstdayofschool #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #school #school2017 #devicewear #technology #techdocent #acer #apple #hp #asus #dell #macbook #samsung
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Catchbox Pro Standard - Techdocent
Wanting your next conference, meeting or lecture more engaging and fun? Try this microphone designed for audience participation! Perfect for classrooms, workshops and meetings. Devices come with your choice of green, blue, orange or a custom cover with whatever you choose!
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DisplayTen Interactive Display | Collaboration - Techdocent
Amazing Interactive White Board! Ever run out of space on your whiteboard and don’t know what to erase? With DisplayTen, the unlimited canvas can be used to draft as much space as you want without erasing anything! Want to share your notes? Share in seconds! Perfect for classrooms, teachers, business meetings, and any collaboration!