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Watch Out for These Apple AirPods 3 Fakes Ahead of the Official Announcement - The Flighter

With Apple clearing out stock of its 2nd-generation AirPods, all signs point to an imminent release of AirPods 3, but be wary of the fakes...

PowerEgg X Combines an AI-Powered Camera, Gimbal and Drone Into an Egg-Shaped Device - The Flighter

What happens when you combine an autonomous personal AI-powered camera, a handheld 3-axis gimbal, and a high-performance drone into an egg...

BlackBerry Key 3 5G Smartphone Adds a Modern Touch to the Classic Brand - The Flighter

OnwardMobility announced that it will now be developing a BlackBerry smartphone with 5G, and it could be called the Key 3 a successor to...

Sony Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III Smartphones Officially Revealed, Boast First Variable Telephoto Lens - The Flighter

Sony has just revealed two new flagship models: the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III smartphones Both are aimed at mobile creatives, whether...

First Look at Cardlax EarBuds Washer, a Mini Washing Machine for Your AirPods

Let's face it, AirPods, or any other wireless earbuds, can get quite gunked up over time. However, cleaning them with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol is a time consuming process to say the least, that is're using the Cardlax EarBuds Washer. Think of it as a mini USB-C-powered washing m

Eyecam, a Human Eye-Inspired Webcam, Might be the Strangest Yet - The Flighter

Researcher Marc Teyssier's Eyecam, a human eye-inspired prototype webcam that explores the potential future of sensing devices. This is...

Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Captured Testing with French Army

École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, the French army's military school, tested Boston Dynamics' Spot robot in a few exercises: an offensive maneuver taking place at a crossroads, a defensive mission during both day / night, and an urban-combat scenario. These exercise were performed twice by four

Adidas Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates Running Shoes Can be Customized with Bricks - The Flighter

This may not be the first Adidas and LEGO collaboration, but definitely the most creative. Called Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates, these run...

Moza Moin 4K Camera with Built-in Gimbal Gives the DJI Pocket 2 Some Major Competition

Gudsen's Moza Moin Camera has a built-in gimbal to keep all of your footage stabilized, along with a 2.45-inch touchscreen with a 120° FOV lens, making it a direct competitor to the popular DJI Pocket 2. Users can use the touchscreen to monitor the camera's view and control all of its settings,

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Rumored to Get 200-Megapixel Olympus Camera

Another day, another Samsung rumor, but this time, it's about the company's next-generation Galaxy S22 smartphone. There are reports on several social media services that state Samsung is set to announce a formal partnership with Japanese photography brand Olympus. While it may sound farfetched, thi

Robosen Robotics Teams Up with Hasbro To Unveil Voice-Controlled Optimus Prime Robot That Transforms On its Own

Robosen Robotics teamed up with Hasbro Pulse to bring a voice-controlled Optimus Prime robot to life. The team at Robosen spent 11-years of R&D to create a robot capable of transforming on its own, bipedal walking abilities, a race function in vehicle form, programmable/code development, and robot c

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 Gaming Smartphone Officially Revealed, Has Twin Turbo Fan Cooling

After several leaks, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 gaming smartphone has been officially revealed, incorporating a second-generation Advanced Technology Architecture (ATA 2.0) for unparalleled symmetry when playing in gamer preferred landscape mode. Unlike its predecessors, it's cooled by a combina

THX Onyx Could be the Ultimate Headphone Digital-to-Analog Converter / Amplifier, Here's an Early Review

THX's first consumer electronics product isn't a home audio system, but rather a digital-to-analog converter / amplifier. Unlike its competitors, this gadget has THX's AAA amplifier technology built-in to ensure lossless, pure sound that empowers listeners to hear content the way the artist intended

For a Budget-Priced Boston Dynamics Spot, Look No Further Than the Unitree A1 Robotic Dog

Priced at under $10,000 USD, the Unitree A1 robotic dog can be considered a budget-priced Spot, but it doesn't lack in features. Boasting an AI-powered, depth-sensing smart camera, it's capable of transmitting HD footage in real-time, all the while carrying payloads of up to 11-pounds and hit a top

DJI Mavic Air 2S Drone Launches with 1" CMOS Sensor, Here's an Early Review

The DJI Air 2S just might be the best Mavic yet, as it's the first drone of its size capable of capturing 20-megapixel still images or video in 5.4K with a new one-inch sensor that was previously available only on larger, less agile UAVs. There's also a new MasterShots feature that utilizes automati

Carnegie Mellon University's Hardened Underwater Modular Robotic Snake (HUMRS) Unveiled

You may have seen a previous version of Carnegie Mellon University's snake robot, but now it's capable of swimming underwater, thanks to a modular robotics platform. This means that it will be able to inspect ships, submarines and infrastructure for damage. The Hardened Underwater Modular Robot Snak