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Explain Else If Ladder With Example And Explain: If we are having different - different test conditions with different - different statements, then for these kind of programming we need else if leader. Else if leader is not interdependent to any other statements or any other test conditions. Click Below To Read More.

Explain What Is Nested If Else Statement With Example In C Programming Visit to get more details

Explain If Else Statement With Example In C Programming With Code If else is a statement which provide the facility like " Using Or Evaluating True Or False Value". In if statement, we are using only one statement, here we are printing or evaluating only true part of the statement. We can't print or evaluate the false condition. So if we want to work on false condition, Then it's not possible. So for avoiding this problem if else statement occurs.

If Statement Programs With Explanation And Code Write a program to read 4 values a, b, c and d from the keyboard. And evaluate the ratio of (a+b) to (c-d) and print the result only when c-d not equal to 0.

C Structure Example With Explanation - Program To Add 2 Numbers Explain

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