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an image of a man doing exercises with dumbbells and the text, plate front raises
🔥TOP 3 SHOULDER EXERCISES | VIDEO & GUIDE - - Fitness Lifestyle | Fitness and Bodybuilding Review Actuality
🔥 TOP 3 SHOULDER EXERCISES Working muscles Medium bundles of deltoid muscles, supraspinatus muscles. Auxiliary: trapezius muscles, anterior serratus. ✅ Keep Elbows Higher Than Hands. ✅ Perform 4 sets: 12-15 reps. 🔥 Weight Plate Front Raises HOW TO: Take a Plate with two hands, thumbs look up. Stand tall, arms outstretched in front of you. Bend your …
six different pictures of a man's chest and upper body before and after his workout
Gentleman's Lifestyle - Fashion, Health, Inspiration Magazine
45-year-old Ben Jackson from Warrington, England uncovered the secret for his amazing body transformation in just 12 weeks.
the website for soaps and cosmetics is displayed on a white background with green accents
Natural Handmade Soap & Cosmetics
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Natural Handmade Soap & Cosmetics"
a shirtless man is holding a bar in his hands
The Essential 8: Exercises That Will Get You Ripped
fruit infused water with lemons, cucumber and lime on the bottom line
FRUIT INFUSED WATER⁑ 1) green tea + mint + lime = fat-burning, digestion & headaches. 2) cucumber + strawberry + kiwi = blood sugar support & digestion. 3) cucumber + lemon + lime = hydration, digestion & appetite control. 4) lime + orange + lemon = immune defense, digestion & heartburn. *For best results combine each with 12-16 oz. water.
a jar filled with cucumbers and lemon slices
Detox Water for a fresh start in 2013!
Food for Swaps: Detox Water for a fresh start in 2013!
Healthy Heart Drinking, Health, Alcohol, Healthy Heart, Saturated Fat, Healthy, Heart Healthy, Weight, Fat
Healthy Heart
celery and say no to blood pressure
Celery used in cooking, helps a lot to lower blood pressure, reduce cancer risk, and clean teeth and gums.