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an image of two phones with different screens
Apple. iPhone. iOS7. Red White. Glossy. Concept. App. New. Fresh. Simple. Minimal. Clean. Industrial. Calendar. Big Print. Date. Month. List. Activities. Beauty. Modern. UI / UX. Interface. Phone.
three mobile app designs with different colors and options to choose from, one for each user
Recording App_Candy Colored Theme
Recording App - Candy Colored Theme by Rahul Chakraborty
a person holding a cell phone in their hand with the screen showing different colors and numbers
application_attach.jpg by Inkration studio
Designing a full-featured app for daily life management that will guarantee its users make the most of every day right away!
a cell phone with an event schedule on the screen and other information about what it is
Pixels.png by Eric Hoffman
Pixels #app #UI #UX # timeline
an iphone screen showing the music player's profile and other things to see on it
MusixApp_Pixels.png by Shek Xiang
#Musix #app #iphone #ui #ux
a cell phone with the message'you feed'on it
02-feed.png by Sergey Kapitonov
Going to change up the HemetHigh news feed TableView cells to something along the lines of this.
an info board showing the different stages of progress for people to take in their life
Beauty of Flat Designing and Its Advantages Graphic Design Junction
Stats #App #Design | #ui #ux #mobile #flat #web #inspiration
an iphone screen with many people's avatars on the top and bottom panel
contact_list2.jpg by Meg Taylor
Friend Search | #design #ui #ux #flat #minimalist #mobile
an iphone screen showing the user's profile and account details on their mobile device
real-pixels.jpg by MDS
Mobile Form #ui #app #ios
the webpage design is designed to look like it's floating in the air
Latest User Interface Design Inspiration For Web & Mobile
AnyVan #ui #app #ios
a cell phone with the gif logo on it's screen and an image of other icons
Gif Animation
Designer: Sergey Valiukh - for Tubik Manufactory #ui #transitions #animation #app
a cell phone with an app on it's screen and the text, connect connect
#ui interaction
an iphone screen with the words speak this sentence on it, and a microphone next to it
13 Apps That'll Teach You Something New Every Day
13 Apps That'll Teach You Something New Every Day
an image of a green bird with the words you're out of hearts
Duolingo: Learn Languages Free - screenshot
an app showing how to use the heart rate
Best Android Games and Apps
Duolingo: Learn Languages Free Screenshot 4