When Two Worlds Meet - image

This image is dedicated for all, those in long distance relationship, or anyone that’s in love. Love is always magical where two people that grew up in a different environment creating a bridge between the 2 worlds meet.

HJ Story - This is dedicated to all those in a long distance...

This is dedicated to all those in a long distance relationship ^_^ (Thanks Aiman for the idea!) Can anyone think of a catchy phrase for this pic?


Just want to show 1 of the limited Print available for HJ-Story Book campaign at…

HJ-Story :: Love Pearl | Tapastic Comics - image 1

I always say that I want my Engagement ring to be a Pearl because if man dives to the depths of the Ocean to pluck it for you, he definitely loves you

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True story: I dreamt one night that I was living in the medieval days and Kate was a princess living in a big fancy castle and, we were sending letters to each other via pigeons.  I walked day and night over mountains and crossing rivers to see her, and when I finally saw her I woke up, so I have no idea what happened afterwards in the story… so I decided to just draw the scene from my dream.

I've always felt magical and so awesome & wonderful and have wanted to be the Mrs. to thee Mr. - I've always imagined my Prince Charming rescuing me the damsel in distress =) I heart yooh ^_^ \m/