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Mughal Indian Reversible Necklace, ca. 1900 on Antiques Roadshow. what the appraiser missed noting, probably because he is not familiar with Indian jewellery, is that this is also an unusual example of a 'navaratna' or 9 gems necklace. if you look carefully, you will find the tops of the jewelled tiger claws are set with 1 - ruby, 2 - corals, 3 - pearls, 4 - hessonite, 5 - blue sapphires, 6 - emeralds, 7 - yellow sapphires, 8 - cats-eyes and 9 - the central pendant is set with (uncut)…

Armband (Bajuband) in Mughal Jade having Kundan Meena Work and with Burma Ruby ,Columbian Emerald ,Cylon Sapphire and Natural (Basra) Pearl

Splendors of Mughal India - I

Mughal parrot finger ring (c.1600–1625) with a three-dimensional bird that can rotate and bob (possibly providing hours of entertainment for its owner) is set with rubies, emeralds, diamonds and a single sapphire. Photo: The Al-Sabah collection.

Kinship Stories: Ethnic necklace whose base is made of bohemian Turkish fabric, using a traditional Turkish technique. The fabric centerpiece comes from a vintage Uzbek wall hanging. It is hand-embroidered. The tassel is also vintage Uzbek and it comes from a piece used for hair adornment. The bead, on the other hand, is Egyptian. It is old, wooden and hand-carved and it was found in the Nubia region. This piece is entirely handmade and is a one-of-a-kind item.