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a drawing of a cat with spirals on it's tail
an image of a hand that is holding something in it's palm with red lights
a computer mouse is connected to a usb cable
Anime Art, Anime, Japanese Art, Croquis, Keiko Takemiya, Takemiya Keiko, Manga Covers, Manga Anime, Manga Art
From KAZE TO KI NO UTA With Love
an abstract painting with swirls and shapes
an image of a strange flower in the air with long tentacles coming out of it
Miki Kim illustrates society’s obsession with tech through a warped and twisted world
an art work with people and flowers in the foreground, on top of a black background
Tweet / Twitter
a painting of a woman standing in front of a waterfall
Feh Yes Vintage Manga: Photo
Takemiya Keiko
a green table lamp with a white lampshade sitting on the floor next to it
Table Lamps | Desk Lamps + Bedside Lamps
a hand holding a ceramic cup with a bear on it and other items around it
Sketches, Character Design, Hart, Drawings, Cool Art, Cute Art
Tsun-Zaku<擘>: Photo
an artistic rendering of a futuristic fighter jet flying through the air with its lights on
magnolia celebration
a painting of a black cat with glowing eyes and an evil look on its face