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Utilize ‪#‎CargoSampling‬ and analysis services of Tel Marine

Navigation audits - Tel Marine Navigational Audits is a tool to increase the navigational safety standards in a shipping company. For more Services

Towing and sea fastening surveys - Tel Marine More Services:

Marine Pilotage services Tel-Marine provides all type marine pilotage service on east and west coast of India. More Details:

Bunker ROB surveys by Tel Marine Get more information's:

Vessel stability determinations Most Important services that will decide how your ship is going to behave at sea, both in still water and in waves. Contact Tel Marine for more information's

Vessel stability determinations service by Tel Marine It is always been interest to the owner of ship. Vessel should possesses a satisfactory level of stability in order to ensure its safety.

Gears on cargo ships are plays important role in ships loading and unloading. so get benefitted with Cargo gear inspections services by tel marine About More services: