Telugu Sweets

Telugu Sweets

Hyderabad  ·  Online store for hand picked traditional Telugu Sweets and Namkeens.
Telugu Sweets
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Special Andhra delicacy has a filling of sweetened bengal gram flavored with caradamom that is enclosed in rice flour dough that has been cooked in milk and deep fried to a golden shade.


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Andhra Laddu

Sri Krishna Sweets - Delicious and healthy home cooked Laddu offered by Homemakers in Anna Nagar, Chennai


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SESAME LADDU 7 Yummy Ugadi(Telugu New Year) recipes. Ugadi(Telugu New Year) recipes are based on food that is made on the day of Telugu New Year. These food are made on that day and served to god.

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Fresh grated coconut in cardamom flavoured sugar syrup taste wonderful. If you are a sweet lover then you will love it for sure. Coconut Burfi as its name suggest is a sweet made of the coconut which can be cooked easily and quickly.

"" Online store for hand picked traditional #Telugu #Sweets and Namkeens. #rasamalai

"" Online store for hand picked traditional #Telugu #Sweets and Namkeens. #rasamalai