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Before the internet we had Pen Pals. Mine was called Jane Argyle and she lived in Birkenhead. We each went to stay with the other and she lent me my first Georgette Heyer for which I am forever grateful.

soap on a rope!!! Always a staple in our Christmas stockings. And didn't they take a long time to use up? With 3 in the bathroom they almost took us to next Christmas!

Crisps were an occasional treat for parties or to take on a picnic. The little blue bag was a large part of the appeal. Once I had a packet with 2 blue bags!

Old Brownie promise Badge. I polished it with great care when I was in the Fairy Six (!) and later the Sprite Sixer ... first little taste of authority.

Tizer wonderful orange fizzy stuff, but Mummy would only buy it for parties. We felt very hard done by compared to our cousins who had it all the time.

Tape from toy cap guns. The blissful smell of what?...cordite? I inhaled with glee whenever my brother had a gunfight. In the back garden rather than the OK corral.