Math: Geometric Shapes

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the quadrilateral family tree is shown in yellow and black with arrows pointing to each other
My Math Resources - Quadrilateral Hierarchy Anchor Chart – 5.G.B.3 & 5.G.B.4
My Math Resources - Quadrilateral Hierarchy Poster, Bulletin Board, & Anchor Chart 5.G.B.3 & 5.G.B.4
a wooden table covered in writing on top of a white board with people standing around it
5 Activities for Teaching Angles
Hands-on activities to teach angles #teachingkidsmath
the polygon family tree is hanging on a bulletin board in front of a wall
I’m trying to up my game on my #anchorcharts for my Geometry AB class! I’ve not quite perfected the art yet, but I’m trying to learn from @theamygroesbeck and @iteachalgebra, the masters!
three pink pieces of paper with writing on them
Fabulous Fourth Grade: Foldables... Can easily be used for first grade shapes too!
a white board with some writing on it
Polygon anchor chart
a piece of paper with different colored shapes on it and the words,'do you know
Great idea for a geometry lesson! Students must create a portrait of an alien using the specified shapes. Be sure to check out the student examples in this post.
a bulletin board with different types of polygons written on it and attached to the wall
Polygon anchor chart
a bag with the word pick a polygon on it and some pieces of paper
2D Shape Activities and Games for Teaching Geometry in 2022
Clutter-Free Classroom: 2D Geometry Games {Common Core Math Activities} - Great shape activities for your Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade classroom. Click through to get yours now! $
an open book with different shapes and lines on it, next to a blue background
September 2014 – The Fun of Teaching
Quadrilateral Chart
a bulletin board with different types of polygons written on it and attached to the wall
Elkins School District - Missing Page
polygon anchor chart - Google Search
a printable worksheet for beginning shapes
My Shapely Monster Easy Reader - Classroom Freebies
Monster activities: FREE My Shapely Monster packet. Includes an easy reader, plus worksheets like this graph.
a close up of a piece of paper on a table with words written in it
Inspire Me, ASAP!
Fun Quadrilaterals Mix and Match FREEBIE :)
a family tree is hanging on the wall
I love this Geometry Family Tree posted in a 4th grade classroom!
10 fun ways to learn shapes
10 Super Fun Shape Games for Toddlers
Love these different activities to help little ones learn shapes!
three different types of shapes and their corresponding words
an image of a colorful object with the word two in it's middle and bottom corner
Pattern Block Templates from Jessica's Corner of Cyberspace
Jessica's Pattern Block Mats (Printables) Awesome free pattern block printables!
an image of the same color scheme as shown in this diagram
Know Your Quadrilaterals
Awesome way to teach quadrilaterals!
the process for making an art project with construction paper
Quadrilateral Robots
Quadrilateral Robots: A great blog article on integrating art and mathematics in your classroom lessons!:
a refrigerator with magnets on the door and labels attached to it that read polygons triangle quadrilateral pentagon hexagon octagon
The Learning Teacher
Here is a flap book that shows the main types of polygons. It has descriptions of each shape under the flaps. Easy activity for children to learn the shapes. -Steve Petersen
an image of owl cut out from paper
Silly Shaped Owls - Classroom Freebies
Silly Shaped Owls - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins
a poster with the words what shape am i? and an image of two people
A Kinderteacher Life
FREEBIE - 2D Shape Riddle
a table that has different symbols and numbers on it, including the words in each language
Describing Quadrilaterals
Describing Quadrilaterals - Third Grade Math Common Core G
four different shapes made out of toothpicks on a blue piece of paper with writing
Polygon toothpicks...great Geometry activity!
an open notebook with writing and diagrams on the pages, which are written in yellow
Loose Shoelaces
excellent journal prompts and hands on activity for geometry
an anchor chart for the types of angles
Angles, Angles, Angles!
Angles Anchor Chart and Foldable!
some paper cut out with different colors and shapes on them, hanging from clothes pins
What Does The Shape Say? & Quadrilateral Quotes!
Classifying shapes by their attributes and working with quadrilaterals.
a worksheet for the writing process that includes two different types of words and numbers
Laura Candler's Geometry File Cabinet
Geometry Notes freebie in Laura Candlers File Cabinet - CCSS Aligned Math 4.G.A.1 - Draw points, lines, line segments, rays, angles (right, acute, obtuse), and perpendicular and parallel lines
a hand holding a piece of paper that has different types of lines on it and arrows pointing to each other
Interactive Math Notebooks
an image of polygons in different shapes and sizes on a green background with text
Polygons & Its Classification : Maths
a yellow piece of paper with pink shapes on it and the words congruent, same shape, similar but congruent
Untitled | Michelle
Congruent and Similar Figures-Students have to create from Post-It