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I Bleed Oil – Maintaining A Bias Online

Mining Tar Sands Produces Much More Air Pollution Than We Thought Research shows that emissions of a class of air pollutants are two to thre.

Black Friday

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday – How Marketers are Ingeniously Ruining the Holidays

Black Friday madness has never looked so good. This holiday season, supermodels Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, and Tori Praver will stop at nothing to score a.

Sometimes I blog about Miley Cyrus.   .. NOT.

Voté por "We Can't Stop" de Miley Cyrus como Video del año en los YouTub.

blog post on what's wrong with thinspiration


Now this is an idea people should get behind. Skipping meals doesn't even actually help with weight loss (long term is causes people to gain more weight because the body begins to stockpile in case of deprivation).

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SEO and Me

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Instagram

Users are more likely to engage with videos when not at work, VIA Mashable

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Real-time revelry: A cross-section of sports and Twitter

How to troubleshoot WordPress plugins. Best practices for solving plugin problems