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a painting of a man wearing a red, white and blue scarf with the american flag draped over his head
Portrait of the American Gentleman by Shawn Huckins (2010)
an american flag with a hat on top
Marly Gallardo (2016)
an image of a man dressed as the american flag holding his arms out and pointing at something
Dabbing Uncle Sam by LiqueGifts
stars, stripes and winning fights t - shirt design by coustman meron
Stars Stripes Winning Fights by CustUmmMerch
a monster truck with an american flag painted on it
Patriotic Monster Truck by nolamaddog
an image of uncle lincoln on a red background with the american flag in his hat
Pissed Off Uncle Sam by Knappi
a painting of a man riding on the back of a white horse
Captioned Adventures of George Washington
an american america poster with the words america written in red and black ink on it
American Tapestry by Chad Wys (2012)
a painting of a man with tattoos and an american flag on his chest, standing in front of a boxing ring
Abe the Champ
a can of soda on top of an american flag with the words time to get star spangled hammered
Merica Made Koozie
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We’re Gonna Free the Sh*t Out of You
a close up of a plastic head of george washington
James Madison Pez Dispenser
an old man with glasses holding two beer mugs and the words we are the party people
We the Party People by James Jones
a man with tattoos standing in front of an american flag and holding his hand to his mouth
Thomas Jefferson Tattooed by Nick Sinclair