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Suspension Training

This program is specifically designed for footballers by training the muscles used the most in a game of football.Quads & Hams for explosive speed. Lats, Rhomboids, Delts & Traps for handling your opposite number plus Abs & Obliques work so you can take that tackle like a man!
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This program is day 1 of 30 from Coach Ali's 30 days suspension training (body makeover) challenge. The 30 days challenge should be followed from programs 1 to 30 in order.

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Burn calories with this suspension training workout. Perfect if you're after BOW or TRX exercises in virtual class format. Suspension Training | BOW Wo...

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Suspension training for a weak back introduces you to TRX Training alternative "The Bow" and provides suspension training exercises so you can workout at hom...

Dumbbells Arms workout & suspension training at home program 40 minutes complete workout. This hybrid dumbbells arms workout mixed with suspension training w...

Love handles express workout done in under BOW & TRX compatible. Core workout focusing on obliques! Courtesy of Coach Ali and