Tancho Koi

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Tancho Kois

Jan Lok
7" Tancho Kujaku Standard Fin Live Koi Fish Pond Garden NDK | eBay - BLING, it has diamonds on it! Koy Fish, Betta Fish, Tancho Koi, Fish Pond Gardens, Garden Pond, Aquariums, Fish Chart, Butterfly Koi, Goldfish Pond

7" TANCHO KUJAKU Standard Fin Live Koi fish pond garden NDK

10-LOT LIVE KOI FISH FOR YOUR KOI POND. You will receive your fish alive and healthy. THEM TO THE POND. DO NOT COUNT FISH WHILE THEY ARE IN THE POND. Quarantine new fish arrivals for a minimum of 2 weeks before introducing them with other older fish at a minimum temperature of 75 degree F.