Alberto Giacometti- Planar Figure

Alberto Giacometti, Portrait, Full figure rendered in planes. (A salutary lesson - even the greats can get it wrong - the left leg below the knee looks as though Alberto was either running out of time or space.

Sophie standing

Elaborate Textile Collages of African Wildlife by Sophie Standing textiles embroidery animals Africa

Michael Morgan RI

Michael Morgan. Illustrator of trees, coast and moorland.

Karlyn Holman

Lee Fidler watercolour artwork published in "Watercolor Without Boundaries: Exploring Ways to Have Fun With Watercolor: Karlyn Holman"

Color Grid #2 – Jane Davies Art Gallery

These vary from to on cradled wood panel with hanging wire. Acrylic paintings by Jane Davies, neutral colors, bright colors

giovanni boldini - Google Search

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Giovanni Boldini - 1897 From impressionism to futurism is a small step