effect you get when you ink up stamps with the Distress Paints...very watercolourish and unique...never 2 impressions the same...

butterfly tag - effect you get when you ink up stamps with the Distress Paints.very watercolourish and unique.never 2 impressions the same.

Butterflies and fern. Drypoint and mono by LynnBaileyPrintmaker

Entry 8 I like how the pigment from the plant is transferred and used as a graphic element, rather than just as a stencil

collagraph prints by tessa horrocks

These are collagraphs by London based printmaker Tessa Horrocks. I minored in printmaking, so these pieces are calling my name! Sigh… don’t they make you want to s

Pebbles Revenge - Lesley Clarke - acrylicl

Lucy pinned this just to message that I loved your seed head print work today ! It was not rubbish in any way keep up the sterling work :) Mehr

David Owen Hastings; mixed media printmaking

Purchase art by artist: David Owen Hastings - Fusa IV - any size, large or small

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Brenda Hartill's collagraphs

This is one of my favourite of Hartill images, mainly because i like the complexity of the shapes, patterns and colours