This work look striking through the colour tone. Simple shapes are constructed and is adapted through the colour depth to generate a perspective. Simple lines are also used to create a form of abstract as well as linking into architecture

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Streetscape 1 by David Hansen - Streetscape 1 Digital Art - Streetscape 1 Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Cubism Photography Landscapes | Want to see more? Check out all of my projects on the portfolio page

Gillian Mowbray Knighton in Wales, inspired by David Hockney joiners I really think this large joiner composition works so well as its greatly built up with layers really developing depth to the picture

this reminds me of many, many of my own sketches. Just enough to envision the boundaries of space. concept SKETCH: Photo / I had forgot about my father, and see, his memory returns in beauty//

Artist David Moreno turns architectural pencil sketches into 3D wire sculptures.

Floating Staircase Sculptures Made with Wire Look Like 3D Architecture Sketches

Artist David Moreno turns architectural pencil sketches into wire sculptures.


A collection of architecture sketches and drawings (mostly and hopefully by hand) focused firstly on the thought process that comes before the concept of a project and secondly on presentation.