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a drawing of a woman with pink hair and other people in the background, all drawn by hand
a poster with the words, the mountains nothing has left of the earth and mountains
an image of a painting on the wall with a smiley face in front of it
a painting with a flower on it and an emoticive smiley face next to it
a notebook with an image of a woman on it
The beauty !
a notepad with a drawing of a man on it next to a pen and a cactus
a pen and paper with a drawing of a flower in the shape of a heart
two cell phones with cartoon drawings on them, one is white and the other is blue
a drawing of a native american headdress
the butterflies are flying around on the paper
a pencil drawing of a man's profile on lined paper next to a blue ballpoint pen
an abstract painting of red and green flowers on a black background, with dark edges
a drawing is shown on top of a piece of paper with white stars around it