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KENT tut02 .Firstly, this journal so colourful and eye-catching theme. The author want to ask people something to help him. The words "Please tell me now" really impressived with red colour and bold size. However, I do not think the images are suitable for the meaning. The babysitter does not help the journal explain about the question much, it could be the old man or the people who often question somebody. Overall, I like this page because its inspiring.


KENT TUT2. I like this example of visual journal. The images appear on page make me think about a long trip of the author. The leaf, tree or the light could be things what the author seen through her or his trip. In the next page, we can see the mountain and the day has changed, it mean the author went to the mountain. Therefore, the last page makes me think that this is a park.

KENT TUT2. This is a travelling visual journal. We can easy to see the title Bangkok meaning the author has been there. The list of activities maybe a timetable for him. I thought the author is a man because when I look at his legs, easy to realise it is a leg man. Moreover, the legs make us thinking about the long day, tired or relax on the bed after a walking day to explore new place when we travelling.

KENT TUT2. This is another example. I can not read the text but I can understand a little bit about the content. The author used the Swallow for the main image then add some other images such as building and people. The purple background is also good for this example, make it like a novel.

KENT TUT2. This is a cool visual journal. The theme look quite interesting because it makes the human icons highlighted. The author made 4 simple people body but it good enough to understand what it is.